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Nostalgia Treasures ~ Art by Karrlin Bain

Nostalgia Treasures ~ Art by Karrlin Bain
Blooming Artist Report
I decided to check out The Art Garage whose mission is as follows:
The mission of The Art Garage is to encourage an appreciation for
and participation in the visual, performing and literary arts.
I emailed my friend and let her know I wanted to surprise her with a mysterious outing that she would love.  She (being a brave soul and great friend) said YES!  It was fun to surprise her.  She is wonderful and we had a good time creating mini art pieces to be included in the Art Garage's Art meets Heart community mosaic project.  
The Art meets Heart community mosaic project will be a large heart made up of many mini side-by-side works of art.  There is a picture of one such heart from a previous year on the bottom of this page:  In February they are having a fundraiser for the Art Garage where they will unveil the heart and show our Artist Statements along with our art.  After that they will move the Art Meets Heart community mosaic project to Austin Straubel Airport to be on display for the rest of the year.  Scroll to the end of this to see THE HEART in it's completion!!!

While working on my mosaic at home I learned:
I am a clutterbug (a.k.a. nostalgic, sentimental) ~ I save EVERYTHING because I  am sentimental or I want to use it for art projects someday.  This is a GREAT quality for me... and drives everyone else nuts!
I am a glue over~user ~ I love glue ~ Glue ROCKS!  (Use Less Karrlin!!!)  You can peel dried glue off around items... but may have to re-glue smaller pieces.
I have art tools here (sort of) because this is what I used...

  • toothpicks
  • paper towels
  • Chicago cutlery paring knife
  • Elmer's All Purpose Craft Glue
* I want a mosaic toolkit.  Just putting that out there.  I want a bunch of artist tweezers thingys... obviously have to research this... do they make those or do I use my eyebrow one? ; ) I want a million dollars worth of assorted art supplies. : )
I call this little first piece:
Nostalgia Treasures
by Karrlin Bain
My Mosaic is made up of mini memories...

Pearls ~ The pearl items on here all fell off my wedding necklace.  Right now we are at 16 years.
Letters that spell out "Faith" and "In Love" ~ these letters are from one of the kid's fun little word games that broke.

Lace Circles with Bows ~ Our good friend gave me these... they have little "zip-lock" backings on them and are for a fine baby girl's hair.  Her daughter wore them in her hair when she was a baby and then she gave them to me for my baby girl..  Now my daughter is eleven.
Gold "Broken" Heart Pieces ~ These earrings were given to me as a gift back in the 80's by a wonderful friend.  
Boy Charm with Blue Stone ~ This was a cutsie necklace I got when my boy was a baby.  The chain broke  early on and now he is 14.
Lovely Little Diary Key ~ The key to one of my past diaries.  I mostly toss my old diaries because I used to only write a ton when I was sad, and who wants to re-read that?  Not me!  I don't want my kids to ever read it either.
Purple Gemstone ~ This gemstone came from one of my daughter's princess necklaces or crowns.  I never throw ANYTHING away. : )  My girl will always be a princess inside!
Sparkly Heart in Uppermost Right Corner ~ Another gem from a princess necklace.
Lady Bug ~ I got this cutie and a bunch more one time and glued a bunch of them to my coffee pot clock... this little guy either fell off or did not make the cut.  He probably felt bad... but he got to go in the treasure jar with all the other treasures... and NOW look at his adventure... (are you seeing the life lesson in this????)
Heart Charm ~ Honestly... no associated memory... but it sure is cute.  Love it!
Mood Ring (without the ring part) ~ Who doesn't love a mood ring???
Sparkly Butterflies ~ These came off bobby pins that both my daughter and I wore in our hair.
Crystal Stone ~ My father's giant Crystal Stone now belongs to me.  This piece came off of it.
 Gold Horse Charm ~ This has to have been one of my daughter trinkets or maybe one of mine.  We both  L ~ O ~ V ~ E  horses with all our hearts so it is fitting that this made it's way here.
Seven Round Stones (Color & Texture of sea glass) ~ I got these at the Art Garage when I went to do this art with my good friend.
Mini shapes with words on them ~ I got the plastic shapes at the Art Garage when I went to do this art with my good friend.  I painted them and then wrote on them.
Thanks for stopping in!

p.s. I love love love this word...

Main Entry:
nostalgia [no-stal-juh, -jee-uh, nuh-]
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:pleasant remembrances
Synonyms:fond memories, hearts and flowers,
homesickness, longingpining, reminiscence,remorseschmaltz,
sentimentality, tear-jerker,wistfulness, yearning

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

Here it IS!!!!!  My piece is on the lower right... of course
you can see it, right?  :D

Karrlin Bain Blooming Artist ~ Past & Present ~ I Dream in PAINT now!

~ My Creative Artist Past ~

I was a fine enough artist in school (grades k-12).  I had one art teacher that I can remember, and I remember some of the work I did in that class.  That would be the last time I had an art class - sometime in high school.  

In college I did not take art classes (now I would!) except for an art history class.  Art history was okay... but I LOVED THE ART!  It was then that I fell madly in love with Franz Marc (his art, not him) who remains my all time favorite artist.  My all time favorite piece of art is The Red Horses!  I purchased his print of The Red Horses from a museum catalog around 1996 or so and it waited in a poster tube until 1999 to be properly framed.  It was worth the wait:

*note sparkles are not on The Red Horses but are
 just a reflection of the lovely Christmas Tree lights.

I created "contemporary" art... a watercolor of my cat Shylo and a pastel of my cat Gabby.  I love those cats!  I loved those cats from kitten~hood until they were old and then in heaven.  I also created a couple of drawings at various times.  Future blog posts coming on those items.

Around 2002 I went onto art sale sites and perused and sorted through nearly every single piece of art I could find, added them to my favorites and narrowed them down.  When I had found my faves I ordered them.  They sat waiting in a box for more funds, until one by one they were framed.  Now they are hanging around my house and I STILL love them!  I liked the idea of finding my favorites out of thousands online instead my favorite out of just a few at one store while shopping.  I found them by searching the sites for words like "purple" "dragonfly" "lilacs" and also by just browsing through favorite artists.  Now I would go to ETSY to do this!!!  EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS!  This helps you discover yourself through the art that speaks to you.

I remember another time in the past when I almost created art... then it was sideswiped away by CRAZY life.  That was around 2003.  I bought all kinds of brushes, paint and an assortment of glue and other materials, and had an awesome creative idea (still do!).  I even started it... then it sat while life interrupted BIG TIME.  My kids used my brushes.  I still have the other stuff.  

~ My Creative Artist Present ~
Now I am going to create as much as I can ~ time and life permitting.  I could go into the NUMEROUS reasons why I didn't create before and WILL create now.  My story would be very self~discovery~ish, women's liberation~like, girl power~ish, freedom promoting, lively, funny, sometimes~sad and colorful!  I would rather save that story for some other day or just skip it all-together.  Instead let's just get in to what I am up to now and what it means to me.

I am also blessed enough to belong to artist's communities online and can view art to my heart's content.  Thank you artists for making my every day like a walk through the loveliest of galleries!

My own creative present will begin with whatever I can do now with my very basic skills... combined with AWESOME TRAINING whenever I can squeeze it in.  These giant statements have clicky links if you want to click them.

   Here is what I am doing:
Recently I took Kelly Rae Robert's course 
Flying Lessons which has been life changing! 
I have met so many wonderful creatives there!
I have joined Life Book 2013 and will learn SO MUCH

I also plan to work through some art 
training books and free online courses.
Here is what it means to me:
I am so EXCITED!  I dream in PAINT now!
Thanks for stopping by!  
Artistically Yours,

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Trooper by Karrlin Bain

December 5, 2012  

Of his family
Coming home
Over and again
Repeated Reunion
Walking in the door
Or of running joyfully
Out in the backyard
A sunny afternoon
With tennis balls
And butterflies
And squirrels
And lovely

Image Owned by Karrlin Bain 
Image not to be reused for any purpose by anyone.

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Thankfulness ~ A Thanksgiving Poem by Karrlin Bain

Thanksgiving Day ~ November 22, 2012

* Please note... Classy gates all around are for sweetest puppy ever!!  
Christmas tree is always up for Thanksgiving.  

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

Image Owned by Karrlin Bain 
Image not to be reused for any purpose by anyone.
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~ Endless Weekend ~ by Karrlin Bain

Endless Weekend
by Karrlin Bain

Like a Crystal Set of Bookends
Filled only with Good Books
The Classics & Fine Treasures
Hidden Crannies & Nooks

Pining for the Weekend
Stretching Long Ahead
Minds Eye Does Quite Envision
Arrival on other end

With All Tasks Gone & Relaxed
To Do Lists all Ta Done
Memories Lived and Captured
Existing Love and Fun

As for that day that follows
Whose name we'll whisper not
That day we'll joyful banish
It is all but forgot

Off with that day This Moment
Mischievously Send
Replacing it with Magic
Of Continual Weekend

November 17, 2012
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Endless Weekend by Karrlin Bain is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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Cherished Snowflakes~ by Karrlin Bain

November 13, 2012

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

Cherished Snowflakes
by Karrlin Bain

United this Morning
And Broke my Windshield Wipers
But I forgave them because they are the
Loveliest, Miracle-iest, Delicate-iest, Sweetest
Little intricates That I have ever been Blessed enough
To See and when I Remember my Most Magical
Wonder Awe Filled Growing Up Memories
Snowflakes Crisply Glisten Within
In the Most Heartlifting

Free Image found Here ~ Altered in Picasa by Karrlin Bain

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Cherished Snowflake by Karrlin Bain is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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Walking on Water when you feel like you're drowning ~ A Book Review ~ by Karrlin Bain

Clicky Link: Walking on Water 
Finding hope in life's darkest moments
a book by Tommy Nelson and Steve Leavitt

 Authors Tommy Nelson and Steve Leavitt share stories and information about anxiety, depression and obsessiveness that help us connect with and relate to both of the authors as well as the subject.  I am thrilled to review this book!  
I must call this
 a book of HOPE.  
This is exactly the kind of book/information that I want to have in my life tool kit!  Anyone that is a human being or a person can benefit from reading this fascinating book.  Yes, I just said this book could apply to and support anyone and everyone! 

Some might believe that Christians would not (or should not) suffer from anxiety and depression because of having faith in God to carry them through tough times, but that is 
a MYTH.  The authors of this book show us that struggles like anxiety and depression do not discriminate.   Wonderful, put together, successful people can have these feelings sneak in on them.  Christians can suffer from anxiety, depression, and obsessiveness.  Anyone can suffer from anxiety, depression, and obsessiveness.

This book is here to help those that suffer from these conditions.  The author and pastor Tommy Nelson describes in detail what he has gone through or what one might go through when dealing with anxiety and depression.  He and counselor Steve Leavitt write from their experiences.  The book addresses how these conditions can come about because of chemical imbalances, circumstances, or combinations of the two. They talk about the ups and downs of diagnosing, coming to terms with having it (acceptance) and forms of treatment which may include counseling and/or medication.

This book is also here as a PREVENTATIVE MEASURE.  Reading this book during the happiest time of your life or during any time of your life will help you.  You may learn to think in ways that help you to avoid heavy depression and anxiety.  You may certainly learn how to better suspect and recognize the earliest signs, therefore being more of a help to yourself or others when experiencing depression/anxiety/obsessiveness.  This is a case where information is power.  Lastly, and most importantly, you will be able to connect to God's word in relationship to what you are experiencing.  This book ties and connects all of it's information directly to God's Word by quoting scripture (specific Books and Verses from the Bible) and connecting it with the various thoughts and beliefs that accompany these conditions.

I am so happy to own and highly recommend Walking On Water when you feel like you're drowning.  It goes without saying that we all walk through this life and experience things that may make us prone to various mental health issues as discussed in this book.  I like having this on my bookshelf!

Personally I enjoy working through Bible studies.  There are already specific details I have found in the book that I want to share with family and friends.  I believe we will read this book aloud with the kids and share according to the age level.

This book would make an excellent Bible Study 
 for one person, two friends, couples, families, or any kind of group.  

The back of the book lists the verse which sums it all up
 (you can click the verse/link to take you to an awesome Bible website:
You can find this book on Tyndale House Publishers 
website by clicking this link: Walking on Water when you feel like you're drowning
Finding hope in life's darkest moments by Tommy Nelson and Steve Leavitt

I received a complimentary copy of the book for review purposes from Tyndale House.
Thank you Tyndale House!!!

Facebook is fun! ~ Poemify Me by Karrlin Bain

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Cleaning Tip #2 ~ Get Something Delivered to Your House! ~ by Karrlin Bain

~ Cleaning Tips for the Clutterbug ~
How to be extremely creative, slightly distracted, somewhat
 inattentive and still keep an amazingly CLEAN home...

(...and yes, some of you are right to be laughing 
~I am pretty sure it is those of you that know me...)

Cleanify Me ~ Cleaning Tip #2 ~ Get Something Delivered to Your House!

I personally LOVE this cleaning tip!  It all began when our refrigerator totally croaked on us.  That part… not so much fun.  First the freezer, then the frig.  The part that I LOVE: NEW STUFF!!!  The delivery men are coming today with a new one (even with water and cube dispenser finally!!!!!) and this has forced me to face some cleaning music.  I am also so excited about the new item that I am willing to work for it… for a little while!!!  Okay... better get ready... (1 hour later:  ding dong... doorbell... they are here!)  

I had to move the entire living room around so they could bring the old refrigerator out and the new refrigerator in through the front door.  When I moved the couch, tables and chair so there would be ample room for the giant frig, I found a few interesting things, to say the least.  I cleaned up the floor and vacuumed.  Removing the old refrigerator messed up the entire kitchen floor so I had to mop it!  Vacuuming, mopping? Both DONE.  They took the old refrigerator away and gave me a new sparkly one… so refrigerator cleaned?  DONE (yes that counts!).  Grocery shopping will be forced due to the fact that we are out of food (and quite hungry) from our refrigerator totally conking out a bunch of days ago, so grocery shopping? DONE! (when hubby does it after work!)

So next time you have a lot to accomplish and are looking for some organizational motivation… buy something REALLY AWESOME and set up the delivery guys for as soon as possible!  It is all in a day’s work!  Next time I am going to get something REALLY good delivered… like a hot tub, or a rock climbing wall, or a marble horse statue, or a real horse, or….

Wishing to hear YOUR comments if you wish...

What would YOU have delivered if the sky was the limit??
What kind of statement does YOUR refrigerator make?